Magic Happens Outside your Comfort Zone

Let’s get real. I am probably one of the most bubbly introverts you’ll ever meet. My flamboyant front of a personality is because I am a genuinely happy person, but its most likely from feeling very awkward underneath. I love meeting new people, yet social situations make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Awkward is my thing and I tend to roll with it. That being said, I usually stick to my set of friends or my routine of places and things I like to do in order to keep my sweaty palm syndrome (yes, this is a thing) on the low. I enjoy spending time alone, but with running, I long for those moments of shared pain and perseverance.

Train outside your comfort zone
This is utterly true. No champions were successful on complacency.

Since the change in season, I have come across quite a few blogs about “changing a new leaf” including the one by SoCal Runner Gal and well it lines up with what I’ve been recently trying to do with my training. In my hunt to train like a beast on my own, I’ve realized that if I want to see progression in my strength, I need to step outside my comfort zone. You’re not going to get better at most anything unless you strive to push yourself further than your current status. And well, that takes some attempts at trying new things to further your fitness (and mental game).

I have come to the conclusion that I am no expert. I have a lot to learn about running, nutrition and strength training. It’s great because I feel like I’m learning something new every day. What better way to learn, then to hang out with others who are like-minded and know more than you do. This week I decided that solo running just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I need more than one day a week where I am engaging with other runners and fitness gurus. But wait, can I really just show up to group run BY MYSELF? I know I’m 26 year-old, grow up, right? For an introvert, meeting a group of random people I don’t know freaks me out.

Carlsbad Running Club Wednesday Group
I swear I’m in this picture. One of the floating heads in the back. Carlsbad Running Club last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, I found a group that meets at the Lululemon Carlsbad Forum store. A girl named Tiffany– I befriended her through Instagram–told me about it. I contemplated the idea of showing up randomly to a group.  The concept is so strange. It’s like elementary school all over again. “Hi, will you be my friend and run with me?” Clearly, this is all in my head.  I needed like an hour of mental preparation to get there. I knew I was going, I knew it would be fun, but still I had to think about it. I wasn’t used to running with people I didn’t know. What if I couldn’t keep up? What if they’re too competitive? Will I end up running alone, but along side people?

I am sooooo glad that I did though. You get to be with people who think the way you do, want the same things you do and just can have a good time. I mean have you ever met an angry runner? It’s refreshing to hear other people’s accomplishments and struggles with running, their background and why they run. The jokes in between miles are pretty cool too.

Any who this past week, my mission was get a training plan and get back on the wagon. The week prior, I kind of let my migraines get the better of me and opted out of runs. I started looking up North County San Diego Running Clubs in order to literally get my butt out the door. There are a ton of groups in San Diego City, but in North County it was a bit more difficult to find them. I found the Carlsbad Running Club as well as women who are a part of the San Diego Tone It Up group that I could meet up with. This week I’m hoping to meet up with these girls for some HIIT Cardio.

That wasn’t the only moment of branching out for me. As you know I have been trying to incorporate strength training in my routine. Still struggling with wanting to do it after I run, I decided to find some meet ups (I am not a gym person. I strongly dislike gyms actually). I also found Lanai on Instagram and Facebook. She posted something about a Friday boot camp, so I was in. I didn’t have much time to back out since I was rushing after work. I went home, changed and went down to Encinitas.

Lanaifit Bootcamp group
I had a great time with Lanai’s boot camp class Saturday. These ladies were great!

We started with a warm up and then went into some exercises. It was all gravy, until I almost fainted. The more I tried to focus, the less I could breathe. Tunnel vision started taking over and I had to stop. I was soooo embarrassed. No one likes to be vulnerable and I just felt super awful. My heart was racing. My hands were shaking. I kept apologizing. Lanai was incredibly helpful and brought me back to life with ice packs, electrolytes and  moments of rest. Why had I gotten heat exhaustion? I drank 50 0z of water prior and had three meals. It was hot, but I always work out in the late afternoon. People, you have to BREATHE. I was focused so hard on not messing up, I forgot to breathe. Apparently, I need to try yoga not only for stretching, but breathing practice also. We finished with some non-weighted and non-cardio legs and abs. I added on an easy 3 mile run when I got home.

Lanai held another boot camp the next morning and I was determined to redeem myself. Saturday, it was me and two other ladies. I made it the whole hour. Thank goodness. I wouldn’t show my face if I fainted yet again. The women were great and it was super fun. I will probably always have to consciously prepare myself for social situations, but I know after these experiences they only heighten my love for working out and meeting new people. It’s great to be around people that love it too. The support system is tremendous and you make a lot of great friends in the process. So, even when you fail, you can get back up again. People are there for you.

Comfort zones are meant to be broken. No matter where you are fitness wise or in anything else, you must do something you’re not used to learn something new about yourself.

Workout Recap:

Monday -off

Tuesday- 6 miles

Wednesday- 6 miles  (Carlsbad running club)

Thursday – 7 miles with stairs- legs dead.

Friday – attempted boot camp/exercises and 3 mile jog

Saturday – 1 hour boot camp and 3 mile run


Next weeks goals:

  1. Start a running journal
  2. Keep meeting with groups
  3. Stop taking random days off

Upcoming races:

  1. Ursula Rains Balboa Boogie 5K at Morley Field: October 3 (with Terra Trail’s Running Team)
  2. Surfing Madonna 5k/10k Beach Run at Encinitas: October 24 (Out of town for the 18th, so switched my races)

Do you prefer running or working out alone or with a group?

How do you deal with social situations? Do you love the spotlight or are you a wallflower? 

How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone? 



7 thoughts on “Magic Happens Outside your Comfort Zone

  1. I can definitely relate to your introversion! I always have to mentally prepare myself for social situations where I don’t know anyone. I prefer either working out alone or with just one other person. It helps me focus more on what I’m doing and less on what everyone else is doing. Stepping out of your comfort zone is usually very rewarding however! I’m going to start incorporating boxing into my workout routine, which is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I’m nervously excited for it!


  2. I can so relate to having to hear your self up to go be around new people. For some reason, I used to just assume that the new people were going to be rude and I wouldn’t like them. Now I know that’s not the case but I still get stupidly nervous meeting people. I would 100% feel the same way about randomly showing up to a new running group. Good for you for going anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah I know, it’s all in my head because once I’m there and talking to people for a little bit I’m totally fine. At least in fitness situations. Other social stuff maybe not so much. lol but we’ll work on that.


  3. I feel like I wrote this. Branching out of my comfort zone and meeting new people (ESPECIALLY without a buddy to try it with me) scares me like woa. So a huge kudos to you for making such an effort!! Since I’m from the area too, I might have to check these things out when I can run again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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