Thankful Thursday

So one Sunday a couple of weeks back, My boyfriend Nic and I decided to have a movie marathon. When I say movie marathon, I mean marathon. I could have finished an actual marathon in the time we watched movies. Actually make that two marathons. Seriously, it was one of the most needed Sundays (We’ve had events and special gatherings literally every weekend for the past few months). There’s nothing like making a fort in your living room with all of the blankets and pillows you own and watching a bunch of old and new movies. Thank goodness for streaming amright?

Awesome Living room forts
This is not my living room, but this is basically what we did. Hibernate with blankets and pillow minus said cat and lights.

Anyways, we started off with a scary movie, which scared the daylights out of me. I was freaked out, which is weird because I love scary movies. In high school, my friend Stacy S. and I used to rent any scary movie we could get our hands on; they were mostly Stephen King (The best, even Children of the Corn). Then after, we watched 5 other happier ones starring the likes of Tom Cruise, Will Smith and many others. We ordered pizza delivery for dinner (could life get any better?!)  We literally vegged out. This is really nice to do every once in a blue moon. The point of my movie rant is: when we went to bed, every time I closed my eyes, I could just see images of that stupid horror film.

Movie Marathon Memes
This is basically how I felt after movie three.

I was totally afraid  I wasn’t going to fall asleep and would be exhausted for work Monday morning, despite the fact that I basically didn’t move a muscle (unless it was for another slice of delicious Paradise Pizza). I’m definitely one of those annoying people that doesn’t shut up when they’re really excited or trying to repress other thoughts. I’ve had close friends and family tell me  they learned when to listen to me and when they could tune me out. My thoughts are stream of consciousness and I think out loud. A lot. Because I couldn’t sleep, I began to bother Nic. In order to push bad thoughts and creepy movie images from my head I asked him to say what he was thankful for. I was surprised he went along with me. I followed suit.

Paradise Pizza Carslbad Store
This is the best pizza in the Carlsbad area hands down. I’m addicted and I love pizza.

It was quite nice and actually made me smile. It’s all the little things in life that we forget to appreciate or at least take the time to appreciate what really drive us forward. Too often are we focused on the things we don’t have or we stress about the things we need to do. Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on the things you do have and all the moments and people that made your day, week or month. This one moment at night when we said what we were thankful for inspired me to dedicate a posting every Thursday to appreciate all the things I’m thankful for. Hence, #thankfulthursday. Hopefully it will inspire you too. Remember, Positive things happen to positive people!

Oprah Winfrey Gratitude
Gratitude is taken for granted and your life will be much happier when you realize how lucky you actually are.

My List for Thankful Thursday:

  • Protein peanut butter. Seriously the best thing ever. You mean I can have PB and get extra protein with breakfast? My favorite is Wild Friends. It has low sugar and low sodium. It’s also Shalane Flanagan approved! Another great brand I’ve bought is Nuts n’ more. Also get this: there are more flavors than you ever thought imaginable! Pumpkin spice, Vanilla, Toffee Crunch, Salted Caramel, Gingerbread, Sesame and Cranberry and the list goes on. I eat PB and banana on wheat bread for breakfast almost every day and it keeps me super full especially after my early morning runs (which I literally just started doing, this heat!).

    wild friends protein peanut butter
    My breakfast every day at work! Protein PB with half a banana on wheat toast.
  • My parents (and my sister). Classic. How could you not appreciate your parents. But mine, no matter what, seem to be there for me. My mom gave up her car for me this week, so I could get to and from work while mine is in the shop. And my mom loves her red orange Ford Edge. Melanie is an awesome sister to have. She’s like the Jelly to my PB. She’s sweet, but adds a lot of flavor to an otherwise basic sandwich.

    Parents are always there for you
    My parents are pretty cool. They do a lot for me and my sister.
  • Streaming videos and HDMi cords. I can stream movies from my laptop onto my TV?! This is fantastic. I can reminisce about my childhood, while watching Halloweentown on my flat screen. #throwbackthursday meets 21st century technology. Growing up in the 90s was the best.  Fun Fact: Halloweentown is a place you can actually visit in St Helen’s, OR; it’s northwest of Portland. Don’t worry it’s already on my bucket list.

    Halloweentown Disney Movie
    I love 90’s movies especially October inspired ones!
  • My health. I sit in front of the computer all day, so I read a lot of news and blog stories about people and events. There are some pretty awful things in the world and I’m just thankful that I was blessed to live a pretty cushioned life. I’ve never been severely sick or in dangerous situations by nature and I haven’t been injured in a very long time. If my body was ever “hurting”, it was probably my own stupidity.  I’m thankful I have a right body and right mind to get me up every morning to enjoy the sights of the sunrise, feel the fluid movement in my legs and muscles and the warmth on my skin.
Transformation Tuesday
Now and then. Oct 2015/ April 2014. I started making healthy choices and I feel so much better!
  • Nicolas. I can’t very well leave out the person who inspired me to create this blog topic. I’m definitely not an easy person to be with. I’m mean don’t get me wrong, I am so awesome and totally fun, but there are times when I’m so unsure of myself that I know I drive him crazy. So, thanks for supporting me even though you have probably wanted to rip my head off plenty of times.

    facebook shared memories
    Nic and I two years ago today, a couple of months after we started dating.

What are you guys thankful for? 

Does anyone else enjoy movie marathons from time to time?



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