Detoxing and Cleansing the Body

Health is not just about exercise, but about wellness in body and mind. I personally have been taking more steps to be calm, be present in the moment and exude positive energy. I still haven’t gotten into Yoga or meditation (I’m trying a little bit all the time!), but I think by surrounding myself with positive people and making positive decisions it’s helping me have a clear mind.

progression run and momentum jewelry
One of my runs last week. It was a progression run. I thought I was going to bomb and did really well. Just gotta believe, endure and achieve!

To have a sound mind, one must also have a sound body. It just makes sense. Ever heard of the statement: You are what you eat? Well I think about it often and I believe it too. Let’s take a look at my diet since last Friday. I ate well, but I drank more tequila and ginger beer than I’d like to admit. Saturday morning, egg and bagel sandwich with cream cheese, regular cheese, turkey bacon and no veggies. Later, I went to a bridal shower. Champagne and lemonade. Snacks on snacks. I really didn’t eat too much here, but of course when I left I was starving, so I ate some cheeeeetos. AH.

You are what you eat.
I thought this was hilarious. No matter what…Legend….DARY

After that I went to a 60th birthday party. It was raviolis and fettuccine alfredo for dinner. I think you get the picture cheese on cheese. Sunday moved on to Football. Football = beer and fried foods. I’m alllll for this. but once maybe. Monday= more football! I didn’t drink, but I ate pizza, like a whole pizza. Tuesday, I met up with an old friend and ate tacos. More cheese and more salt. Like for real though. I get the whole cheat day thing, but I cheated for like a whole week.  My stomach felt it. I feel bloated and all messed up.

Carlsbad Local Farmer's market

It’s been an awful few days on my body. I’ve been running, but food is everything on the body. It can wipe out a run in a matter of meals. I needed a whole body detox. I needed it bad. So Wednesday, I opted for a fruit and veggies cleanse in order to detox and flush out my system. I’ve done these before, but not very often. I think that they’re not a bad idea. I don’t think that you should starve yourself. The point is to eat fruits and veggies all day when you’re hungry. If you’re hungry eat, just keep it simple. I felt like I was eating all day, but I feel much better.Honestly, I never felt like I was starving because my body was so wrecked from the last few days it got full pretty quickly.

I researched various cleansing processes. I chose the fruit and veggies one because it had the most food. Lemon water with cayenne pepper all day was not going to swing for me. I ate a banana, an apple, a red bell pepper, a Mamma Chia snack pouch and I drank an evolution cold-pressed organic v juice. I also drank lemon water and super slimming detox tea. Salads are great too if you don’t use dressing or put meat or cheese on it. Just a toss up of all things veggie!

Kale Fruit Smoothie home made
I love smoothies! Kale, frozen berries, almond milk, half nana, Sun Warrior protein!

I generally stick to an 80/20 diet. 80 percent of the time I eat whole foods and the other 20 percent may be eating out or just enjoying some ice cream or a cocktail. It’s been working for me and doesn’t make me cry when I happen to eat pizza and drink a beer. I’ve actually lost weight just making healthy choices verse counting or staying away from “bad” foods completely.

I feel like people are either for cleansing or totally against it. I don’t know if I could do it for more than a day or two, but I do think that after a week of “cheat day foods”, it’s good to settle your stomach and organs as a whole. I think cleansing is great, if you’re smart about it. My stomach is pretty sensitive. Like, I shouldn’t be eating dairy period, but I like it and if I’m careful it doesn’t bother me too much. Sometimes life gets in the way and a good cleanse can bring you back to where you need to be. For me, the cleanse isn’t about losing weight, but just letting the crappy stuff cycle through your body before you put more stuff into it. Your organs need a break, just like your running legs need a break.

Workout recap (last week, sorry I’m behind on my posting):

Monday: 5.5 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: 7.4 miles progression run

Friday: 30 minute HIIT workout with sprints.

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 12 miles

Does anyone else do cleanses? 

Do you find yourself ever over indulging?

Who follows the Cheat Day thing? 



2 thoughts on “Detoxing and Cleansing the Body

  1. I used to do the cheat meal thing, but I feel like with fall and football it’s like you said you can easily cheat almost every day! It’s good to know I’m not the only one that struggles with cheat foods, stomach issues and feeling like crap afterwards! I am trying to do better by choosing quality foods over what fits my macros for the day. It’s less stressful so far. Also, I love your bracelet!!


    1. hahah I know right! Yeah it’s a lot harder in the fall with football and holidays, but balance I guess is the key to anything. That’s good I’m glad that it’s working for you. Whatever you choose macros or whatnot.. I personally believe the thing is to not be stressed. if you’re stressed it’s not worth it.
      It’s momentum jewelry! I love it. just a small reminder when I’m running 🙂


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