Utilizing Your Whole Day and Week 4 Workout Recap

One of my biggest excuses in the past was “I don’t have enough time because I work full time.” Yeah well, you and the rest of the world. I don’t have kids, I have nothing else to take care of  besides myself and my apartment. Not having enough time for something is complete BS, even with the time change. The early dark evenings used to make me so depressed. Another excuse.

Runner's Mindset
No excuses. Only good thoughts! Just do it.

The way I see it now is if you want to do something, you will. If you utterly enjoy something or someone, you’ll make time. It’s that simple. I would always not run because I never had the time, but I always had plenty of time. As long as you’re making excuses for yourself, you’ll never have time. As long as you keep making excuses, you’ll never make any changes. Instead of saying, “I’ll get to it Monday. Monday is a good place to start.” Move your thoughts to TODAY. Today is a great place to start. Yes, Monday or Sunday is the beginning of the week, but you know what, Wednesday is a great place to start too. Starting is the hardest part. Once you create a habit, it never ends. You’ll always find the time.

Good habits start with good thoughts. Your mindset plays a huge role in your daily life. How you choose to think sets the tone for the rest of the day. For a couple of years, I was never consistent with my running because I just wasn’t happy. I made excuses. I suck now. I have no one to run with. I don’t have time after work. I have to hang out with whomever instead. Those are all thoughts that I created so I would not run. I have no more time now than I did then. I just changed the way I thought. I found my happy. I learned to love myself. I learned to find the things that made me happy and hold them close. Running was one of those things. I can either sit here and mope or I can just lace up my shoes and go. It’s that simple.

Make it Happen by Michael Jordan
Enough said.

Hay House Founder Louise Hay once wrote, “Time is exactly what I make it to be. If I choose to feel rushed, then time speeds up and I do not have enough of it. If I choose to believe that there is always enough time for me to do the things I want to do, then time slows down and I accomplish what I set out to do.” This statement is so true. Every day I tell myself I have enough time to do the things I want to do. I have control of time. If I don’t get to all the things, then they weren’t my priority during that time. It doesn’t mean I failed or I’m not perfect. It just means that’s how I chose to prioritize my day. Let go of your fears and reasons for not doing something you want. What’s holding you back? There are plenty of tips for time management out there. Finding what works best for you will help you do the things that you love.

Once I learned this and chose what was important to ME and no one else, I found peace. I found a rhythm in my day. A pleasantry and fulfillment through the 24 hours I’m given each day. Running, to me, is a major priority. So, naturally I find the time for it. I’m not saying my life revolves around running. I’m no elite athlete, but I always find the time without it affecting other things I want to do, such as parties, holidays, work, weddings, reading or meeting friends. I just work around it. I always wondered how people with full-time jobs and families could fit in 40-plus miles during the week. It’s priorities. Arranging your day so you accomplish what makes you happy.

Pure Barre Carlsbad
Lanai, Sam, and I at Pure Barre Carlsbad after Friday’s workout! Think strong, be strong!

I currently work from 7 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday. The sun is gone when I get home. Each day I tell myself, the sun won’t rule my schedule. I can still accomplish things in the dark. I’m grateful for electricity. I get an hour lunch, most of the time I run on my break. My previous job I commuted, but I got off early enough to where I got home around 4:30 pm. I ran most days after work. I would fit in. No matter your schedule you’ll find the time. I’m adding in strength training into my routine now as well. I run on my lunch and after work, I’ll go to Pure Barre Carlsbad. I get home around 7 pm. I still have three hours to do other stuff. Three hours is a long time. It’s all about priorities. I mean Nic is doing most of the cooking now, but we figure it out.

And maybe running isn’t your ish. Maybe you love to sew or do puzzles or weight lift or bike ride or read. Those things you can always find time for. It all starts in your mind. You know you love something, make time for it. Don’t let someone else tell you what you should focus your time on. Your time is your time. I hope you find the time for the things you that you love. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; don’t wish for things to happen, just make them happen. Once I gave up excuses and found supportive friends, I found all the time in the world. You can too!

Asics running trainers
These are the Asics Trainers I won at the USATF San Diego XC Championships last Saturday.

Week 4 Carlsbad Half Training

Monday, Nov. 16: 3.3 miles easy @ 8:08 pace. Legs sore, but not terrible. I think my legs will just always be in a state of soreness.

Tuesday, Nov. 17: 6.7 miles: 2.1 miles warm-up, 2.8 miles of long hills (6x400m w/ rest jog downhill), 1.7 miles cool-down. Squeezed this in on my lunch break. First Pure Barre class at 5:45 pm, so much fun! I recommend it for sure.

Wednesday, Nov. 18: 4.1 miles easy @ 8:05 pace. I’m trying really hard to make these easy days easy and hard days hard to prevent injury and get the most out of my workouts.

Thursday, Nov. 19: 10 miles of death @ 7:37 pace. My legs felt has if they were beaten with a bat, but pushed through. The way back was close to 2 miles straight uphill. I was tortured. I went into work early this day, so I could take a longer lunch. Time management. Pure Barre class at 5:45 pm.

Friday, Nov. 20: 9:30 am Pure Barre class. I usually run right after a strength class, but I wanted to spread it out more, so I didn’t exhaust myself like last week. I ran 4 miles around 2 pm @ 7:29 pace.

Saturday, Nov. 21: 3.3 miles easy with Nic @ 8:42 pace. This is our Saturday morning ritual.  We get to run together and I run easy forcefully.

Sunday, Nov.22: 10.1 miles for the long run this week @7:42 pace. Nic ran the first two miles with me, so I got a good slow warm-up. I notched down the paces to the lower teens. I felt great and way better than Thursday. My long runs are mostly on the Carlsbad Half Course because I live right next to the course. It’s great practice and I’ll know exactly what to expect.

How’s your training going? 

Has anyone else tried Pure Barre before? 

How do you manage your time? 





4 thoughts on “Utilizing Your Whole Day and Week 4 Workout Recap

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today. It seriously hit the battle I had with myself this morning on the nose. The lazy part of me won and I’m not happy about it. I need to better priorize my time and this blog made me so motivated. I’m so happy we’re always on the same page and you always know what I need even without knowing it!


    1. I’m glad I could help! We definitely are, it’s great. I didn’t wake up early today like I wanted to either, but it happens, now I have to skip Barre. Just remember next time how you felt the last time you skipped out and you’ll probably be more motivated! 🙂 love chuuuu!


  2. This is so motivating! I am struggling to just getting started. It is the hardest part and I have a million and one excuses. I just have to go. I feel like I am afraid to prioritize myself, or even afraid to seek my full potential. It is so backwards! I can relate to much of what you wrote – I constantly carry a “rush” mindset, get home after it’s dark, and feel like there’s just no time. Thank you, you are truly an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once you get in a rhythm it will get so much easier. That was my biggest issue too. I found a time I could do something every day so I just did it habitually now, I’m more like I gotta get it in somewhere so I trust myself to go at different times. and I know about the rush feeling. I try very hard to deep breathe when I feel like I’m starting to rush myself. Rush is a state of mind more than something that actually exists. 🙂 love you!


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