Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8 Carlsbad Half Training and Lessons Learned

OK, clearly not having a laptop has hindered my posting. It’s been way too long. I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, including about 4 weeks of training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon and I’m pretty sure there was a holiday in there? Ha! OK, well to catch you all up on my training I decided to put the last few weeks in a solo post (good thing I keep a running journal) along with my sentiments of each run. I will try to be more diligent about getting a post in at least once a week. I’m completely situated with work, so I’m in the flow of life again and will be regularly writing.

Running in Los Osos
Getting in 8 miles on Thanksgiving!

Week 5 Cbad Half Training: 

Monday, Nov. 23: 3.3 miles easy @ 7:55 pace with 4 x 100m strides. Pure Barre Class in the evening.

My legs are getting stronger, but also feeling heavy from the work I’ve been putting in. One day the training will just click. I’ve been trying to include strides after my easy runs. Strides are so simple, but are so beneficial– helps with turnover in your legs.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: 8 miles total. Workout: 2 mile warm-up @ 7:54 pace, 1/2 mile repeats: 3:10, 3:03, 2:58, 2:56, 3:08, 2:57, 2:55 & 2:55, 2 mile cool down @ 8:11 pace.

Was super proud of this workout. The effort was exactly where I wanted it to be and I haven’t run speeds that quick in a few years. It feels good to have the legs turning effortlessly. This was a confident booster for sure!

Wednesday, Nov. 25: 4 miles @ 7:29 pace. Running at night feels like your flying!

Thursday, Nov. 26: 8 miles. Happy Thanksgiving!! We went up to Los Osos (a little town just outside of San Luis Obispo), so we drove up there and then I ran 8 miles around 5 pm before we made dinner. First three miles with Nic and then added on.  Last three miles I ran under 7 min pace! It felt soooooo good to run up there. I loved it.

Friday, Nov. 27: 4 miles easy @ 8:52 pace with Nic and his mom. I love being a part of an active family. We get up and get to run around such a beautiful place. 4 x 100 m-ish strides with our chubby golden retriever Joey. Ha. He did the first two with me and then grew smarter and knew not to take off with me on number 3.

Saturday, Nov. 28: 9 miles total. So I was supposed to run 3 miles today, but just enjoy running in Los Osos so much and I just felt sooo strong and fast. I ran 6 miles by myself. I notched the last two down to 6:27 & 6:26 and then ran 3 miles with Nic at 8:52 pace. Again those paces felt way too easy.

Sunday, Nov. 29: 12 miles @ 7:11 pace after driving back down to Carlsbad. Running in the dark without a flash flight is very scary. I had 5 splits under 7 min pace. I think I went a little too fast a little too much this week.

Total: 48.3 miles

November Training miles
My November monthly miles!

Week 6 Training: 

Monday, Nov. 30: First rest day since I started the 12-week training program. Felt weird, but after the efforts of last week, it was needed.

Tuesday, Dec. 1: 4 miles easy. I switched the workout for another day because my legs are so lethargic and tired. Pure Barre class in the evening.

Wednesday, Dec. 2: 10 miles @ 7:47 pace in the evening. Again switching up this week because of tired legs. These runs are so miserable! Pure Barre Class on my lunch break.

Thursday, Dec. 3: 6 miles @ 8:09 pace. I feel so exhausted and beat. I’m sensing some pattern here….

Friday, Dec. 4: 3.3 mils with Nic @ 8:16 pace. Man I am feeling it this week, dead and legs hurt.

Saturday, Dec. 5: 10 miles. Tired from staying up watching the Walking Dead and doing laundry, but not a bad pace. I finished with soooooo many blisters, no joke. Ouch!

Sunday, Dec. 6: 3 miles with Nic.

Total: 36.3 miles

OK, so epic fail this week with training. I skipped my workout and didn’t get much sleep or do any strides. I was tired and beat, but I also let that get to me. My ego mind definitely controlled me this week and I let it get the better of me. But you know what, I can either dwell on the fact that I just sucked this week or I can move on and be smarter next week. I will not let my whiny voice control me. So moving forward!

long run splits in carlsbad
Carlsbad sunset long run!

Week 7 Training:

Monday, Dec. 7: I took today off, even though 3 miles was on my schedule. I’m attaching it to Tuesday’s run. I was exhausted from staying up late on the weekend and just need a reflection/regroup day. Stephanie get your shit together. You know you want to take this half marathon, stop being a whiner. 

Tuesday, Dec. 8: 7.4 miles @ 7:34 pace. I was afraid to go on this run because each run last week tested my faith in running, buttttttt I actually felt good. It brought me out of the fog.

Wednesday, Dec. 9: 8 miles total. Workout: 2 mile warm up, 4 x mile repeats with 2 mins of rest in between: 6:16, 6:03, 6:08, 5:54, 2 mile cool down.

I am sooooo happy with this effort. I don’t know why I am so afraid to do these workouts. It’s like I’m afraid to fail, but you fail when you don’t try, right? How do you know if you’ll succeed if you don’t try? Every time I get afraid of hitting the pavement, I have to remember the feeling I get when I’m out running in the middle of my runs. That’s the motivator. (Wednesday is my new workout day. It just feels more right. #workoutwednesday ;))

Thursday, Dec. 10: 9 miles. I didn’t think too much on this run. Just went and didn’t pay attention to paces. The run went by too fast. Pure Barre class in the evening.

Friday, Dec. 11: 5.2 miles. I made myself run easy on this run. I realized in Week 5 I just pushed myself waaaaay to hard on runs that don’t need to be hard. Easy runs are just as important and beneficial as hard runs. Your body needs to recoup and sometimes it is just about hitting the pavement. Pure Barre class after.

Saturday, Dec. 12: 9 miles total. Afternoon workout: 2 mile warm up, 5 mile tempo (no rest): 6:28, 6:23, 6:29, 6:34, 6:11, 2 mile cool down. Pure Barre class in the morning.

I decided to do two workouts this weeks to make up for my lack of one last week. I felt sore from Barre, but this was such a great effort. I was again proud of myself. This just shows that just because you have one bad day or bad week, it doesn’t define you. You can’t let that get to you. All you can do is just pick yourself up and push onward!

Sunday, Dec 13: 14 miles @ 7:35 pace. This is the longest I have ran in a very long time. I felt strong and steady. Again, I can’t believe after last week, how well this week went. As I stated above, you just have to keep pushing. Don’t let the bad ruin your potential. We all have moments of doubt, just don’t let it consume you.

Total: 52.6 miles

5 mile tempo run
My 5 miles tempo time!

Week 8 Training (so far): 

Monday, Dec. 14: 3.4 miles @ 8 min pace with 8 x 100 m strides. I was supposed to take today off, but decided since I took two Monday’s off in a row, I should just do an easy shake out run with some strides to get the legs moving.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: 7.1 miles. My legs felt light and lean. Just zoned out and got this run done. Getting stronger on the hills around my office. Pure Barre in the evening (this class went really well).

Wednesday, Dec. 16: 9 miles. #WorkoutWednesday: 2 mile warm up, 5 x mile repeats with 1:30 – 2 mins of rest in between: 6:04, 5:54, 6:15, 6:24, 6:06, 2 mile cool down.

OK, so a long with not having a laptop, my Garmin no longer is read by Nic’s laptop, so I can’t create workouts and save them to my watch. I did this one completely manual, so the splits were distracting as my watch wasn’t stopping for me. My rest was off because I couldn’t remember what the time was when I stopped. So confusing lol. Also I just couldn’t see in the dark tonight, but other than being utterly distracted the whole time, this work out was still a great effort. I probably went out a little too fast, I was hoping for more miles under 6 min pace.

Thursday, Dec 17: 5 miles

I will post week 8 again once I have completely finished it. I mean I could write out what I have on the schedule, knowing that I will get my runs in, but I feel like that is almost cheating, so I will just wait until I fully complete them. The last four weeks I have learned a lot from my training. It’s amazing how much you can learn from yourself in just a few short weeks.

Here are the lessons I learned:

  1. Trust myself. I need to believe in myself enough to know that putting in effort is better than not trying. Trust in my hard work and my strong mind.
  2. Easy runs are very important. Although running fast feels super good, injuries do not. I didn’t get injured, but I exhausted myself to the point where I just gave up on myself. So, running easy when it’s meant to be easy is very beneficial to my body.
  3. Never forget why you started running in the first place: Love of the sport. I can’t let myself get caught up in not being good enough, because you know what, that’s stupid. I run because I love it. I enjoy the endorphin’s it give me. I enjoy it because it keeps me sane. I enjoy it because I just feel better in mind, body and spirit. It’s my form of meditation.

I hope whatever you’re training for is going well!

Have you ever had a bad week or day of training? How’d you come out of it? 

What races are you training for? 

Why do you love to run? 




3 thoughts on “Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8 Carlsbad Half Training and Lessons Learned

  1. You’re getting in lots of miles, that’s awesome!! If I have a bad week I just try to get the mileage in, but don’t push it if I’m not feeling it. The extra rest may just give you the extra umph for the next week!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m learning to take it easy now. I really think that rest and easy miles are just as beneficial. I don’t need to race the clock every time I run. So, in the end I thing that week was a wake up call for me.


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