What I’ve been up to and what’s coming up next…

During Week 12 of the Carlsbad Half Marathon training, my Garmin Forerunner 220 started acting all wonky. It wouldn’t hook up to my Garmin Express and so I couldn’t upload any activities to the computer and I couldn’t upload workouts to my Garmin. It also started freezing when I would go to save runs. It was frustrating. When I got my own computer I tried again to upload and I accidentally deleted everything. It was like every run I did disappeared. It was a travesty. I literally called Garmin crying. “Please help me!” So, I stopped using it in hoped that I could wear it during the race and thankfully it worked for that. The Wednesday after, I sent it to Olathe, Kansas for a replacement. The IT guy, Chris I believe his name is, was extremely helpful and calming (Good thing because I felt my world slowly start to crumble.)

The only issue with not having my Garmin is: I had no watch. My iron man Timex watch stopped working about the time I got the Garmin, so I didn’t have that either. Since I wasn’t getting my watch back for another two weeks, I figured I knew enough loops around my place of work, I would at least always know how far I was going and any time I ran with peeps, I just asked them. I always record things in my journal, so even though it all got deleted from my watch, I still have it written down. I will never give my up my pen and paper!

It actually worked out perfectly because it would take two weeks to get my watch back and two weeks until I would start another 12-week training program for the La Jolla Half Marathon (Race 2 of the Triple Crown Series). During my watchless weeks, I just ran blindly. I ran without pressure, without judgement and for fun. It was almost a refreshing two weeks. I did realize later I could upload the Strava app to my phone and use that, so I did that a couple of times as well, but for the most part I just ran without anything. I recommend trying this. Yes, you can run without music. See how much you can push yourself without Beyoncé cheering you on. You’ll be amazed how strong you are on your own.  Anyways, I ran aerobic runs for two weeks with mileage counts at 30-35. It worked out quite nicely.

Now, I’m currently in Week 3 of my La Jolla Half Marathon training. I’m doing this one a little bit differently because I A) will be running other races during the 12-week cycle and B) running with training groups, so my workout will change up a bit. I also might add in a few more hill workouts because this half is a bit more hilly than the Carlsbad half.

Week 1 La Jolla Half Marathon Training

Monday, Feb. 1: Rest Day

Tuesday, Feb. 2: 7 miles. Interval Workout – 2 mile warm up, 5 x 1000’s and 2 mile cool down. Splits: 3:29, 3:31, 3:34, 3:33, 3:34 with 1:30 min rest. I felt great doing a workout with a group. I love these Tuesday workouts and will continue to do these! Workouts are so much better when you’re not alone.

Wednesday, Feb. 3: 6.6 miles at 7:39 pace with the Pizza Port 2XU running group. I won a pair of 2XU ankle compression socks in the raffle. I am meeting so many great runners at these groups and am enjoying training with others. I felt pretty dead on this run, so it was nice to have people next to me.

Thursday, Feb. 4: 4 miles @ 8:00 pace during my lunch break. It’s starting to get really warm here in San Diego. Left hamstring is starting to bother me. I need to incorporate more stretching.

Friday, Feb. 5: 6 miles easy @ 8:37 pace with Alexa. Easy days are a must. My hamstring didn’t bother me as much.

Saturday, Feb. 6: 10 miles @ 7:21 pace with the Pannikin running crew. This is by far one of my favorite meet ups!

Sunday, Feb. 7: 3 easy miles with Nic.

Week 2 La Jolla Half Training

Monday, Feb. 8: 7.1 miles @ 7:24 pace. It is so effing hot in San Diego. It’s in the 80’s during February. Weren’t we just having storms?

Tuesday, Feb. 9: 8.6 miles. Interval Workout – 3.6 mile warm up, 3 x miles and 1.9 mile cool down. Splits: 5:57, 5:52, 5:56 with 2:30 rest. I felt really good on these!

Wednesday, Feb. 10: 4 miles @ 7:38 pace. My legs feel like lead and it’s still very hot outside.

Thursday, Feb. 11: 7.1 miles @ 7:36 pace. Legs still feel very tired.

Friday, Feb. 12: 7 miles easy @ 8:24 pace with Alexa.

Saturday, Feb. 13: 4 miles easy @ 8:31 pace with Melanie at the LA Olympic Trials!

Sunday, Feb. 14: 8.6 miles. Oceanside Valentine’s Day 5K! 2.5 mile warm, 5k race, and 3 mile cool down. Time: 19:14, splits: 6:06, 6:06, 6:13. This was so much fun. Nic did it too and ran a time of 21:48 at 7:01 pace. Great way to start out our day 🙂

Upcoming Races:

March 5th: Chelsea King 5K @ Balboa Park (tentatively)

March 19th: Catalina 10K @ Catalina Island

April 3rd: Carlsbad 5000 @ Carlsbad Village

April 24th: La Jolla Half Marathon @ Del Mar (point to point race)

Do you ever run without a watch? 

What are you training for?



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