Let me just start off with, I know absolutely nothing about Yoga as I’ve written about before. I don’t even stretch (I know, I know, shame on me, I’m working on it). I can name drop a few poses from warrior pose to child’s pose (who doesn’t know this pose?), but other than that I would probably fail a test on the ins and outs of Yoga. So, when I got invited to try out a yoga class called BUTI Yoga, I had absolutely know idea what I was getting myself into. I actually didn’t think much of it other than that we’ll be doing some deep stretching in warrior pose and some downward dog. Little to my surprise this class was unlike anything I have ever participated in.

If this happened a couple years ago, I probably would have walked out the door (I actually left a Hot Yoga class once.) Actually I would have never agreed to go in the first place, but ya’ll know how I’ve been working on getting out of my comfort zone this past year and it’s been great. I have made so many new, awesome friends. This was one of those experiences where I was most definitely OUT of my comfort zone.

The Movement Lab Studio
Before the BUTI Yoga class started with Jessika and Marlys

The passed couple of weeks my body has been all out of sorts. I’m constantly sore and extremely tight. Dammit, I guess I really do need to start stretching. It started with plantar fasciitis in my foot. This occurs when everything is tightened up and the tendons become inflamed in the arch of the foot. So, basically I need to stretch. A lot. I hate stretching, so I figured maybe I should finally give Yoga a shot. Marlys is a wonderful person whom I had the pleasure of crossing paths with and now consider her a great friend. She does Yoga quite often and has been inviting me to go to a few classes. Last Friday was the day we could finally schedule a Yoga class together. Specifically, BUTI Yoga.

The class was scheduled for 10 am on Friday at The Movement Lab in Solana Beach. Side story: The last week and a half I’ve been kind of out of it. I just haven’t really felt like myself and just slightly depressed and unmotivated. Every run I went on sucked. It was hard and miserable. It was throwing off my groove. I don’t know what’s up. Maybe I’m “mentally injured”. I just feel like I have been carrying extra weight on my shoulders and I’m not exactly sure why. So, feeling like this, I almost didn’t go Friday morning because I didn’t know if doing something new was going to make me feel great, but since I already made the plans and don’t get to see Marlys too often, I went.

I showed up around 9:50 am and of course couldn’t find it. I parked my little Hyundai Accent on the residential street parallel with Highway 101 to walk around the shopping center. Finally, I discovered a tiny little dance studio. There was a class going on upon my arrival, which had Justin Beiber blaring from the speakers. There was a hip hop dance meets zumba class going on. My first thought was, “What the heck did I get myself into?” Obviously all classes are different, but in my current state, I was like “Woah, this is gonna be crazy.”

Fletcher's Cove Solana Beach
After BUTI Yoga we walk on the beach to take in the beauty of the ocean!

I waited outside on the bench for Marlys as it was pretty crowded  with the cubbies and shoes in the twin bed-sized lobby. I first noticed how nice every one is. I had a few people say hi to me and compliment my water bottle and tights on their way in. That made me relax slightly. Marlys showed up around 10 am hurriedly coming down the sidewalk, yoga mat in hand and silver aviators reflecting the sunshine. She immediately was so excited to see everyone. Her energy is high on life and she could seriously light up any room. It’s very rare you meet a person that is so full of life and gratitude. I love it. She automatically puts me in a good mood.

We found our spot on the wooden floor and continued to stretch it out and socialize, while we waited for our teacher, who goes by MC, got us started. It started with some easy movements in the lotus position (right leg crossed over left leg) and somewhat softer music. We really focused on opening up our heart chakra by opening up our chest and keeping our pelvis in. Then as we warmed up the music started to change to the gangster/hip hop rap. I felt like I was in a club. I wanted to be in a club. Who knew you could get the fun part of going to club without all the stress of going to a club.

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe
This is 100 percent truth!

BUTI Yoga focuses on glutes and the abs, but you don’t realize your doing any exercises because it feels like dancing with yoga positions. There were squat moves where you bring the knees or legs up high. A lot of jumping and holding poses or stretches and even a few twerk moves as well as belly dancer moves. All this in one fluid hour. It’s amazing because you really get to feel your body. I ended up taking my tank top off and just working out in my sports bra because I was sweating so much and didn’t have a towel. Using the mirrors, you really get into the movements and feel muscles that you didn’t know were there. It was awesome.

The class ended with a few relaxing stretches and then everyone laid flat with arms and legs spread wide and eyes closed. We fell into a small meditation, while we reflected on what our bodies were just capable of achieving. Then MC instructed us to keep our eyes closed, come to a seat position facing inward to form a circle. We silently thanked our sisters we took the class with, our bodies for their beauty and then we set intentions of gratitude for the rest of the day. When we opened our eyes we put our hands palmed faced down and  pounded the floor three times. This was a great feel good class and something I will definitely do again. I mean a workout and meditation in one,  I’m there.

Do new things. Try new things all the time. Try to pick something each week that you haven’t done. You’ll find out soooooo much about yourself. I learn something new almost every day and I get closer and closer to being the best version of myself. The people you meet and surround yourself truly do represent your vibe. I choose to be around uplifting people and I’m discovering more and more that there are truly great people in this world. When you believe in gratitude amazing things manifest in your life. Happiness is a choice and being with people who want to be happy too make life so grand!



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