Why I decided to step back on La Jolla Half Marahon Training…

OK, don’t fret, I am still running the race. I’m just not “racing” it like I  normally would have. When I started training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon, I was excited and I was fresh. Most importantly my body was ready. Everything was jiving and I was training like a mad woman on a mission. I was having fun.

Fast forward to after that race. I started my normal 12-week training cycle for the La Jolla Half. It was going pretty smoothly, but then my runs started to get really hard. And I’m not just complaining, running is always somewhat hard. I couldn’t find my rhythm. I couldn’t run paces that were my “easy” pace. Something was seriously up with my body and I had no idea what it could have been.

I decided to keep a low mileage (about 30-35 miles) and just have fun with it. I didn’t want to burn myself out. Some days my runs would go well, some days I could barely get through 3 miles. I think this was due to a combination of things. While training for the Carlsbad Half, I definitely didn’t stretch, so my body finally gave out on me. I could feel how tight my hips were while sitting at my desk at work. My plantar fasciitis flared up, so that kept me on some easy runs one week. The flow of my mind, body and spirit were just not on the same plane and I truly believe with running you gotta have everything in balance. I had the mindset, but my body was breaking on me.

plantar fasciitis
Wrapping it up good!

So, with that being said, I decided to take the training easy and just really focus on day-to-day without letting it get to me. The La Jolla course isn’t a PR course due to the giant, long hills, so I didn’t want to force my body into doing something it just wasn’t into. I went into research mode. I wanted to know what was up. I studied my habits and paid attention to what I was doing.

I need to start stretching. Deep stretching. I am not going to be able to run long miles if I can’t get my stride open. I started doing 20 minutes of yoga after my runs and it has already made a huge difference. Thank goodness for YouTube videos. I just googled yoga for flexibility. If you’re interested you’ll find tons of beginner videos. It made my life easier because I’ve always thought yoga was overwhelming with so many poses and so many names I don’t know how to pronounce. Now I can just follow along and I don’t even have to leave my home or pay for it. My hips are opening up and my strides are lengthening.

yoga on the beach
Breakthrough Average!

Another thing I noticed that went in waves was my diet. I’ve always considered myself as pretty health conscious. I pay attention to what I eat and I read labels. We cook our own dinners and eat out occasionally. I’m pretty savvy, when it comes to food. This doesn’t mean I always follow it. I generally stick to an 80/20 diet, where most of the time I eat well, but I still indulge.  Sometimes when I indulge too much, it’s a hard cycle to get myself out of. My weight fluctuates about 5-7 lbs, which can make running difficult. No matter how hard I workout, I still have a mini tire around my waist. Hello, visceral fat!

The Breakthrough Movement

I’ve done a lot research and although you can get some great produce in grocery stores, it’s not always the best. There are a lot of toxins out in our world today, so you never really know if it’s produced without pesticides and herbicides or if meats are pumped with steroids or hormones. Even vegan supplements can be packed with a bunch of processed stuff you shouldn’t be eating. Do we ever really know what we’re getting when it’s from the store? This led me to make a decision and join a movement of like-minded individuals: the Breakthrough Movement. It’s all about teaching people how to live a WHOLE-Listic lifestyle, so they can be a 10/10 in their Mindset, Health, Wealth and & Spirit.

With a community on a mission to the feed the planet with proper nutrition, we can change not only our lives but the world. I am so excited for this new venture and I know that my running will thank me as well as my body. Knowing that I am fueled by the best nutrition gives me relief. My long-term health will be enhanced as well as my overall mindset. Remember, positive things happen to positive people!

Join me on this journey to make the world a better place through health and wellness. Let me ask you a question:  If you could create one breakthrough in any area of your life, RIGHT NOW, what would be?


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