La Jolla Half Marathon Training: Weeks 3, 4 and 5

Week 3 La Jolla Half Training

Monday, February 15: Rest day. I can barely walk. My plantar Fasciitis  flared up. I bought new shoes as well as iced, stretched and rolled it out. I put 486 miles on my Asics and now have some Nike’s!

Tuesday, February 16: 6.1 miles. My foot hurts, but it’s not unbearable. Iced and rolled out at work.

Wednesday, February 17: 7.1 miles. This felt harder than it should have.

Thursday, February 18: 5.3 miles with Bekki on the Rancho Carrillo trail. It always feel better to run with someone, especially when you’re having a hard time.

Friday, February 19: 5 miles. This felt much better than the rest of the week. First time doing Orange Theory Fitness with Marlys. 1 hr class with sprints and rowing and strength training

Saturday, February 20: 8.4 miles with Pannikin crew. I felt so much better than I thought I would.

Sunday, February 21: 10.6 miles. First half with Nic and then rest solo. I so didn’t want to go on this run, but it ended up not being that bad.

42.8 total miles

Week 4 La Jolla Half

Monday, February 22: Rest Day. I should probably not take so many Monday’s off.

Tuesday, February 23: 4 x 1200 with 3.1 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down for 8.1 miles total. splits 4:18, 4:19, 4:21, 4:24 with 2:30 rest. I could not find a rhythm at all. I felt exhausted and my breathing was very, very off.

Wednesday, February 24: 4 miles. I wrote in my strava, “This run made question why I run.”

Thursday, February 25: 4 miles on my lunch break. This run was also a very hard run to get through. Don’t know what’s up with running lately. Just feel dead.

Friday, February 26: No running, but BUTI Yoga

Saturday, February 27: Rest day. Maybe I need a small break from running at the moment?

Sunday, February 28: 3.3 miles easy with Nic

19.3 miles total

Week 5 La Jolla Half

Monday, February 29: 5 miles with Graced by Grit crew. Felt better running, but it’s always better running with people.

Tuesday, March 1: Rest day. Still not feel too motivated, I’m just in a poor funky mood. I ended up going to a meeting instead.

Wednesday, March 2: 3 miles. Felt easy, but just feel out of shape now. I think I had a panic attack during mile 2. Gotta get over this hump.

Thursday, March 3: 5 Miles with my friend Bekki. I feel so much better running with her. I feel slightly out of shape because I haven’t been eating that well, but overall the run was great.

Friday, March 4: 6 miles with Bekki in the early morning. Progression run notched down to 6:57 mile. This run was fantastic. I felt soooooo good. Finally feel like myself again.

Saturday, March 5: 8.4 miles with the Pannikin Crew. Again this run was amazing. My legs do feel slightly sore from getting back into the groove, but I love running with people. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Sunday, March 6: 3.3 easy miles with Nic.

30.7 miles total


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