Thankful Thursday

It’s time for another round up of #ThankfulThursday. I’ve been thinking about a few things all week. I’m glad that I decided to do these posts because I’m actively thinking about the things or people I am thankful for. The moments that make me smile and the things that get me through the day are worth everything. Practicing gratitude doesn’t just make you a better person, but in the long run, it helps your over all health.

I’ve read that people who reflect on everything that they’re thankful for tend to have more positive experiences in life, become more compassionate and kind, live life fuller, get better sleep and actually have stronger immune systems. A post by Happify Daily specified that according to research by US Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, showing gratitude and even keeping a journal can “significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction.” So, I believe the best way to practice reflection is writing and sharing it with you fine people.

Thankful Thursdays, Things to be thankful
Even the smallest things, we should be grateful for. I think we get so caught up in life that we forget to appreciate the little things and moments.

Here are my 5 #ThankfulThursday:

  1. Amvets Thift Store (now Valley Thift Store in Escondido): OK, so my wardrobe is pretty outdated. I haven’t bought many new things, besides accessories and two Vegas dresses. I have/wear clothes from 2009, actually high school. I don’t buy clothes because they’re expensive and I’d rather go do things or buy race entries. Anyways, I went Wednesday and was able to spend $89 (birthday money) on about 20 articles of clothing that are like brand new! I just got a new job where we have to wear black and grey all the time (I know, depressing right?), so I was pretty much forced to get new clothes. I love patterns and bright colors usually. I even got 5 new running tops! It was an exciting endeavor.

    Amvet Thrift Store shopping
    As you can tell I didn’t hold back. $9 or less for brand names? Count me in.
  2. The crock pot: We just got a crock pot as a “Yay, you just got a new apartment” gift from a friend. I haven’t really ever used one. It’s the best greatest thing ever invented! Nic and I usually eat around 8-8:30 pm just because we do so much after we get off work and don’t start cooking until later. Well, the crock pot helped change that. I can get home around 4 pm, throw a bunch of goodies in the pot, turn it on, go for a run, stretch, shower, clean, run errands or whatever and well-ah, dinner is served at an earlier time. I’m also thankful for this because it was a gift from a friend, who really didn’t need to get us a house warming present. I’m not into forced gifts, unless they’re meaningful (holidays, showers, etc.), but this was really thoughtful of him.

    Quinoa Enchilada Bake in the Crock Pot
    Healthy crock pot recipes are my favorite. Here’s the Quinoa Enchilada Bake I made this week. Recipe coming soon 🙂
  3. Margo: My Hyundai Accent 2000. This baby has been through hell and back and she still gets me from A to B in one piece. Almost 16 years old and still putting up with my crap. Yes, I name my cars and also have relationships with them. I’ve named all my cars. I spend a good three hours plus a day with Margo. Margo has been totaled, patched up, renovated and although she still drives me nuts (pun intended), she’s still here. I would totally get a new car, but I’m waiting to get a point off my insurance (damn those red light cameras). She has taught me patience, time management and to be grateful. Most people don’t even have a car or it’s way worse off than mine.

    Hyundai Accent 2000
    There’s Margo with all my college stickers and such. She doesn’t look too bad from behind.
  4. The French Braid: I taught myself how to French braid my hair a couple of years back. I’m a pretty laid back person and the easier the better. I like to spend as little time getting ready and more time doing stuff. Waking up extra early to curl my hair or look like a Kardashian is not my thing. My hair straightener crapped out on me a couple of months ago, sooooo my hair-clip has been my friend. With this humidity, my hair doesn’t dry the same mermaid wave it used to. It’s more like an Albert Einstein look: thin and electrified. So, without my straightener my French braid skills have saved me. It’s quick and people at work always compliment me. Is the style a dying look or something? There’s so many ways you can do a French braid.  Also, it’s waaaay easy to run in.

    basic French braid
    Nothing special but a quick Frenchie updo for a rushed morning.
  5. Pumpkin carving: Let’s thank the Irish and their superstitions. Does anyone know where this tradition came from? Basically Ireland and Scotland would carve scary faces into whatever they could: potatoes, beets or turnips, to ward off wandering evil spirits on the 31st of October. When they immigrated to America, they found pumpkins were larger and much easier. Eventually it became a nationwide tradition. I think this is AWESOME because I love carving pumpkins. No matter how old I get, it is soooo much fun. Last year I did Olaf from the movie Frozen. This year I went more traditional with a witch. Ours already rotted in this heat, so guess what, we’re doing it again! Yeeeauuuh.
    pumpkin carving jack o lanterns
    Mine is the witch, my sister did the bat and Nic did the Jack o Lantern.

    What are your favorite Halloween traditions? 

    Feel free to share what you’re thankful for this week!


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